Hi-Tech undertakes Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses for performance evaluation, component interaction and subsequent design optimization of process industry turbines. We assist design engineers in overcoming design challenges to maximize power output, while significantly downsizing the turbine geometry.

Hi-Tech’s expertise in Turbine Analysis:

We effectively use CFD tools to better design the intake, fan rotor speeds, the combustor and upstream diffuser to obtain a comprehensive picture of flow path and thermal behavior of the system and allow designers to make accurate decisions at multiple design stages. Our major CFD analyses for turbines include:

  • Vortex analysis
  • Pressure drop analysis
  • Drag analysis
  • Cavitation analysis

With the advancement in multi-physics; our CFD services lets the designer analyze the fluid flow around the turbine blades and offer a direct link between the fluid and structural analysis. This would allow the designer to make quick changes in geometry, re-analyze the solutions and optimize the design without going into prototyping stage, providing cost-effectiveness and considerable reduction in time invested.

Hi-Tech’s Software Capabilities:

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