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Hi-Tech has been helping its customers in determining fluid forces on baffles, baffle plates, shafts, impellers and tank walls in mixing or agitating tanks to withstand fluid forces generated by high speed impellers, eliminating the classical methods of hand based torque calculations. Our team of experts can extract the pressure drop and pressure distribution in the mixers to determine the head number and solvent extraction through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations.

Hi-Tech’s expertise in Tanks/Mixing Tanks:

Our CFD solutions are aimed to determine the flow fields in tanks and mixing tanks for design improvements, thereby reducing operating costs and minimizing maintenance issues. We analyze different case scenarios such as investigating the free surface movement of liquid in tanks, effect of varying accelerations on the liquid gas levels and comparing the effects of baffles on sloshing intensities for application specific design optimizations.

Our CFD analyses for tanks/mixing tanks include:

  • Vortex Analysis
  • Pressure Drop Analysis
  • Droplet Distribution

Hi-tech’s CFD services of industrial tanks provide information for further design optimization which includes:

  • Flow patters and Dead zones
  • Free surfaces for vortex, draining and filling
  • Residence time and shear rate distributions
  • Design optimization of impeller
  • Feed pipe optimization
  • Nozzle orientation analysis and optimization
  • Thermal effects in mixing

Hi-Tech’s Software Capabilities:

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