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Hi-Tech delivers Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services to engineering clients for design optimization of scrubbers. We provide assistance in early phase of the design through CFD simulations aimed for predicting the flow path, influence of inlet specifications, nozzle placement and exit flow path based on various mixture characteristics. Our solutions provide comprehensive performance analysis for optimization of units and/or redesigning unrated units, evaluate the performance as a whole system considering pipes and manifolds.

Hi-Tech’s expertise in CFD Analysis of Scrubbers:

The flow dynamics of gas transporting particulate matter and gaseous mixture are key factors considered in the scrubber design. The velocity, pressure flow contours, and vectors at the inlet and outlet, across the scrubber and gas flow field are necessary to effectively design an optimized system. For an efficient scrubber design, we offer major CFD analyses including:

  • Vortex Analysis
  • Pressure Drop Analysis
  • Species Distribution
  • Heat Transfer Analysis
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We have a team of CFD professionals with domain expertise to draw reliable conclusions from the data obtained in the analyses and ensure that key factors are taken into consideration.

Hi-Tech’s Software Capabilities:

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