Pressure Vessels

We provide Computer Aided Engineering solutions to analyze the performance of pressure vessels under various conditions such as shock, thermal effects and excessive pressure conditions, and to check the integrity of the pressure vessel for its sustenance. Our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses enable engineers to identify critical design areas and optimize the devices accordingly.

Hi-Tech’s CAE expertise in Pressure vessels Analysis:

Pressure vessels are needed to be analyzed for number of physical parameters to minimize pressure losses, reduce thermal and hoop stresses and avoid failures due to degradation of material caused by thermal creep and/or fatigue phenomena. To evaluate and optimize pressure vessel design, Hi-Tech offers CFD analyses which include:

Heat Transfer Analysis to analyze the reliability and safety of the pressure vessels as they undergo severe thermal and mechanical loadings during constant operation. The thermal and stress analysis of the pressure vessels provide information on the temperature data and heat transfer coefficients to assist in selecting proper material as well as the level of liquid material required for quenching.

Vortex Analysis to understand the effects of wind loads causing vibrations and affecting the dynamics stability of the pressure vessel itself. Karman vortex effect is studied in regards to the vibration damping due to liquid loading as well as benefits of ladders and platforms to reduce the effect of periodic eddy shedding.

Pressure Drop Analysis to determine the effectiveness of design parameters to minimize pressure losses across the vessel. The calculation of pressure drop provides average flow of steam in the coils and helps in analyzing various pressure vessel designs.

Evaporation Analysis to quantifying losses that occur due to evaporation in case of high pressure hydrogen pressure vessels. This analysis also assists in developing effective design of the pressure vessels through proper selection of the materials and keeping the losses to minimum by considering effective thermal insulation.

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