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Hi-Tech offers Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis services for performance prediction of nozzle and atomizer designs by analyzing the airflow, droplet trajectories, pressure changes and fluid density to achieve requited spray performance. Our solutions address vital challenges associated with design optimization of nozzles and atomizers applied in process industries without actual testing, thereby avoiding the high risk of fire explosions and chemical reactions.

Hi-Tech’s CAE expertise in Nozzle and Atomizer Analysis:

Nozzles and atomizers have the prime responsibility to deliver high-velocity atomized spray jets, requiring high level design accuracy. Based on our domain expertise, we offer CFD simulations to ensure error-free solutions that can be employed for design modifications.

Our major CFD analyses for Nozzles and Atomizers include:

  • Vortex Analysis
  • Pressure Drop Analysis
  • Droplet Distribution

Our CFD solutions provide crucial information for design optimization which include:

  • Internal flow characteristics of spray nozzles
  • Gas and liquid mixing, distributions
  • Wall impact forces, stresses caused by liquid flows
  • Flow patterns, pressure, velocity and temperature contours
  • Droplets dynamics and combustion
  • Contours of spray concentration
  • Particle and droplet tracking

Hi-Tech’s Software Capabilities:

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