Heat Exchangers

Hi-Tech offers Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services to heat exchanger manufactures across the seeking for the reduction in cost of manufacturing while increasing the performance and efficiency of the system. We address the challenges associated with design failures by understanding the flow and thermal characteristics in heat exchanging devices, to allow engineers optimize the design based on low maintenance requirement in a cost effective manner, and simultaneously squeeze out added capacity and functionality.

Hi-Tech’s expertise in Heat Exchanger Analysis:

We provide solutions for wide variety of heat exchangers used across diverse process industries. Our team of experts can simulate complex flow physics such as prediction of pressure drop, flow distribution, friction factor correlations, conjugate heat transfer, coupled 3D flow in extracting key design parameters to empower innovative solutions and address important performance characteristics.

Our major CFD Analyses for Heat Exchangers include:

  • Vortex Analysis
  • Pressure Drop Analysis
  • Heat Transfer Analysis

Hi-Tech has the experience to control cost by mitigating the over design and reworks by minimizing the losses, back pressures and dead zones for greater productivity, and establishing uniform flow distribution for thermal efficiency.

Our CFD analyses help design engineers in:

  • Determination of pressure drop and heat transfer
  • Determination of physical size including length, height and size
  • Mass-flow distribution of the fluids
  • Optimizing the design for performance

Hi-Tech’s Software Capabilities:

Contact us to learn more about our CAE capabilities or email us at info@hitechcae.com.

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