Hi-Tech conducts Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations for reciprocating, centrifugal and axial flow compressors. Our precise analyses address complex engineering challenges associated with design optimization of compressor components like rotor, impeller, vanes and casings. Our FEM and CFD analysis assists industrial engineers in developing compressors with improved stall margin and overload capacity to meet specific installation and operating requirements.

Hi-Tech’s CAE expertise in Compressor Analysis:

Applied to most of the process applications, compressors are supposed to handle wide range of flow rates at different stages. It is crucial to consider static and principal stresses generated on the core compressor components along with suitable sealing, bearing and casing design. To overcome these complexities, we assist engineers by performing precise CFD simulations which include:

Heat Transfer Analysis to provide engineers with a detailed study on thermal characteristics of the compressor design. This analysis helps in choosing appropriate materials for compressor components, capable to withstand and transfer the heat generated for improved operating characteristics.

Vortex Analysis to predict the formation of excessive vortex flows responsible for affecting the performance of axial and centrifugal compressors. It helps in optimizing the blade & casing geometry, minimizes the occurrence of flow separation and excessive vibrations.

Pressure Drop Analysis which assist in identifying flaws in the existing design that can lead to pressure drop at the suction and discharge passages of the compressor. It helps in optimizing the impeller design capable to withstand alternating loads, i.e. at flow rates lower or higher than the design.

Additionally, we conduct FE based analyses to calculate stress levels, NVH frequencies as well as structural and fatigue factors to optimize the compressor specific to its actual application.

Hi-Tech’s Software Capabilities:

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