Boilers, Furnaces

Hi-Tech helps engineers in making important decisions regarding the burners stacking, over firing and other necessary details to avoid excessive design investments by understanding the patterns of combustion of a boilers and furnaces through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses.

Hi-Tech’s Expertise in CFD Analysis of Boilers and Furnaces

Our expertise in combustion field and CFD simulations are enhanced with in-house combustion models for analyzing various furnaces and boilers for combustion, flame contours, exhaust emissions at the outlet along with thermal imaging. Our prime services for boilers and furnaces include CFD simulations using:

  • Vortex Analysis
  • Fuel Combustion Analysis
  • Particle Suspension    
  • Heat Transfer Analysis

Our engineers are proficient in CFD modeling the application specific boilers with knowledge of various steam generating and combustion systems, to identify, analyze and provide complete solutions to a wide range of real world scenarios. Our experts with aid of CFD can help eliminating lot of uncertainty related to the combustion equipment designs and virtually test new concepts and make effective design decisions of actual sized models, instead building and testing prototype of scaled down models.

Our CFD services for Boilers and Furnaces are aimed to deliver comprehensive engineering solutions, these include:

  • Smaller plant design with reduction in emissions
  • Increase in plant efficiency and fuel flexibility
  • Reduction in material erosion by controlling the parameters
  • Reduction of actual development cycle times
  • Reduction of costs for prototype runs
  • Understanding the process of combustion
  • Optimization of flow and temperature distribution
  • Improved geometrical utilization of boilers and furnaces

Hi-Tech’s Software Capabilities:

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