Offshore Structures

Hi-Tech offers Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services for fixed structures (Steel Jackets / Towers, Concrete Gravity Based Structures, Jack-ups, compliant towers and Tension Leg Structures), Sub-sea Structures (Drilling Production Units are located on sea-bed), Floaters (Floating Production Storage Offloading unit (FPSO), Mooring Ship and Barge) etc. Our FEA solutions help engineers to overcome design complexities associated with offshore structures such as rigid structural integrity, minimized vibration frequencies and improved fatigue limits.

Hi-Tech’s CAE expertise in Conveyor Analysis:

Structural Analysis to perform global structural assessment of most types of marine structures, including jackets, jack-ups, risers, offshore wind farms, and floating systems such as FPSOs, SPARs and semi-submersibles.

Fatigue Analysis used for design checks on primary structure. This includes evaluation of stress levels relating to low and high cycle fatigue considerations, determination of the ultimate strength of undamaged and damaged structure, buckling calculations of stiffened structure, mitigation of propeller induced vibrations and cavitation.

Our Software Expertise

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