Wind Engineering, Pollutant Dispersion

Hi-Tech offers computational wind engineering (CWE) services based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to investigate the wind effects on buildings. Our wind engineering and pollutant dispersion solutions aids in evaluating aerodynamic coefficients for estimation of the wind action on structures, pedestrian level wind studies, and investigation of fluid flow patterns including air, moisture transfer, heat, contaminant migration and pollutant dispersion, around the buildings, around groups of buildings or across urban area.

Hi-Tech’s CFD expertise in Wind Engineering and Pollutant Dispersion:

The Wind Engineering and Pollutant Dispersion simulations enable cost-effective solutions to:

  • Provide reliable three-dimensional models analysis of flow and dispersion problems for the current and the future situation
  • Simulate more advanced flow and dispersion models capable of resolving the complexity of flow and dispersion patterns on a routinely basis
  • Understand wind flow phenomena such as horseshoe vortices and lateral eddy circulation associated with wake and interference flows, variation of wind velocities and wind pressures acting on surfaces due to topographic changes and urban roughness effects, by visualizing through various plots
  • Precisely predict pollutant dispersion around buildings, Pollutant flow patterns surrounding the urban setting. Provide close view of pollutants inflow through the ventilation
  • Understand the aerodynamics of a structure, estimate wind pressure loads on structures, and pedestrian level wind simulations to interpret effects on pedestrian comfort and safety
  • Provide analysis of the behavior and stability of the high-rise buildings construction under various weather conditions

Our Software Expertise

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