Thermal Comfort and Ventilation (HVAC)

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Hi-Tech’s CAE facility delivers CFD simulation solutions to engineers seeking thermal comfort and ventilation modeling for their building designs. Our aim is provide efficient & cost-effective solution to assist in the process of developing and evaluating indoor air circulation in a specific built environment, with the objective of improving the ventilation (HVAC) of a plan and consequently the thermal comfort.

Hi-Tech’s CFD expertise in thermal comfort and ventilation (HVAC) Analysis:

The thermal comfort and ventilation (HVAC) analysis enables cost-effective solutions to:

  • Achieve improved ventilation (HVAC) of a plan, airflow characteristics, indoor air quality, and the thermal comfort while reducing design development time and cost at the early stage of design.
  • Conduct parametric simulations with a variety of air velocities, air temperature and relative humidity for optimization of improved indoor air quality and thermal comfort of occupants in conditioned environment during the design.
  • Provide graphical visualization of indoor-pollutant and air, flow pathways, pathways patterns, pressure variations, dispersion within building interiors and diffusion by the ventilation pattern.
  • Investigate optimum orientation and maximize the thermal efficiency of the building envelope (windows, walls, roof) while considering the interaction of the HVAC, lighting, and control systems.
  • Understand the dependence on thermal envelope performance with natural space conditioning and ventilation strategies before engaging in mixed or mechanical ventilation systems

Our Software Expertise

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