HVAC Equipment Design

Hi-Tech’s CFD services for building industry assists in sizing and selecting HVAC systems in an energy-efficient manner while maintaining indoor comfort quality. Our domain expertise provides architects, civil engineers and HVAC designers, a well-rounded HVAC equipment design solutions to develop cost effective-energy-efficient system. We carry out analyses on HVAC equipment models to balance factors like, outdoor-indoor air quality, heating/cooling needs, energy efficiency and adherence to codes and standards.

Hi-Tech’s CFD expertise in HVAC Equipment Design:

HVAC equipment design simulations enable cost-effective solutions to:

  • Provide cost effective-energy-efficient system, which includes strategies such as using efficient chillers within their most optimum performance zone, using variable speed drives for pumps and air handling units, maximizing areas with natural ventilation, etc.
  • Validate and optimize HVAC design parameters such as the location and number of diffusers and exhausts, and temperature and flow rate of supplied air to meet design criteria.
  • Enable performance optimization, parametric analysis and  design to meet requirements through simulation of compressors, blowers, fans, diffusers, VAVs, Heating system design, HVAC ducting, Environmental control systems, Pumps Air curtains, Air mixers, Exhaust hoods and other equipment
  • Provide crucial information to find the best possible HVAC systems for a space, with particular care for aesthetics, weight and vibration.
  • Simulate the recommended system modification that satisfies the design criteria without actual physical modifications to the existing systems.
  • Investigate the full and part load performance, perform system diagnostics, and for training purposes

Our Software Expertise

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