Fire and Smoke Modelling

Hi-Tech’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solutions for fire and smoke modeling provide economical performance criteria evaluation of buildings. We carry out CFD analyses to ensure acceptable space remains in the building to avoid occupants from getting exposed to untenable amounts of smoke or heat. Fire and smoke modeling provides solutions for improving visibility, evacuation and also ensures that structural collapse does not occur.

Hi-Tech’s CFD expertise in Fire and Smoke Modeling:

Hi-Tech’s fire and smoke simulations aids in investigating fire/smoke propagation, their effects, risk potential in different environmental and boundary conditions of the building. This simulation further aids in optimization of fire mitigation systems, ventilation systems and safety procedures.

The Fire and Smoke Modeling and simulations enable cost-effective solutions to:

  • Simulate complex computational model to the required accuracy such as the long burn times in large spaces, simulations of a building fire flow field down to several tens of centimeters, etc.
  • Provide complete visualization of the smoke path inside the building and different parameters like smoke concentrations, smoke temperatures, velocity profiles and visibilities at different times and different positions.
  • Examine the effectiveness of designed evacuation model of buildings, in case of accidental fire breaks out, given configuration of all the ventilation system and intensity of the fire.
  • For existing buildings, derive the numbers, capacity and the distribution of efficient new ventilation system, also to work effectively and efficiently with existing system.
  • Evaluate and optimize the design of fire mitigation systems, ventilation systems and safety procedures of complex buildings such as airports, underground stations, large atrium buildings etc.

Our Software Expertise

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