Building / Construction

Building / Construction

Hi-Tech offers specialized Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation services for the building industry. We assist architects, civil engineers and HVAC project managers in designing modern day sustainable buildings that are energy efficient and aligned with stringent social, environmental and safety standards.

Our CAE solutions for the construction / building industry provide insightful interpretation of simulation results and sound engineering judgement at lowest life cycle costs.

Our CAE solutions for Building / Construction industry include:

  • Thermal Comfort Modeling and Analysis: to investigate indoor air quality, air flow characteristics, thermal characteristics of the building and ultimately optimize the thermal efficiency to maintain the standard of thermal comfort for occupants in buildings or other enclosures.
  • Ventilation (HVAC) Modeling and Analysis: to help architects, civil engineers and HVAC project managers with detailed understanding of the issues related to heating and ventilation of building by heating analysis, ventilation analysis, cooling analysis and air conditioning analysis.
  • Fire and Smoke Modeling:to investigate fire/smoke propagation & its effects and risk potential in different environmental and boundary conditions. This simulation further helps in optimization of fire mitigation systems, ventilation systems and safety procedures.
  • Wind Engineering and Pollutant Dispersion: to evaluate aerodynamic coefficients for estimation of the wind action on structures, pedestrian level wind studies, and investigation of fluid flow patterns including air, moisture transfer, heat, contaminant migration and pollutant dispersion, around the buildings, around groups of buildings or across urban area.
  • HVAC Equipment Design: carried out on several aspects related to modelling, analysis, design and performance evaluations of HVAC system and its components. The process aids in the selection of cost effective-energy-efficient systems that balance several factors, including outdoor-indoor air quality, heating/cooling needs, energy efficiency and in adherence to codes and standards. Further, optimisation of individual components helps in designing reliable single or very large networked HVAC systems.

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