Hi-Tech is geared to deliver CAE solutions for automotive transmissions to address vital challenges such as downsizing, improvising efficiency and increased sustainability. Our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solutions can assist engineers in developing optimized design of transmission gears, shafts and bearings capable to withstand heavy cyclic loads and torque carrying capacity, resulting smooth gear shifts and improved power transmission efficiency.

Hi-Tech CAE’s expertise in Transmission Analysis

Hi-Tech offers quality solutions for complex design problems associated with automotive transmission. We have a team of expert engineers and analysts to determine core problems associated with automotive transmissions. In order to meet specific design criteria, our expert professionals can provide FE analyses which includes:

Fatigue Analysis (High Cycle) employed to understand the life expectancy of the transmission gears, providing designers an option to adopt durable transmission design.

Static Structural Analysis to overcome the design constraints posed by shear and bending stresses developed during the transmission operation by determining suitable factor of safety as well as its stiffness.

Vibration (Modal) Analysis to understand the vibration behavior of the transmission unit. The modal analysis is significant in determining the dynamic stress generation during its operation.

Our software Expertise

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