Drive Shafts

Hi-Tech provides CAE services specifically designed for automotive drive shafts, to engineering clients seeking for rigid and optimized design solutions. Through effective use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Hi-Tech can support clients in developing drive shafts possessing the ability to maintain weight balance, reduce inertia effects and simultaneously stand rigid against uneven road conditions. We can also provide manufacturers an in-depth performance analysis of drive shafts utilizing composite materials.

Hi-Tech CAE’s expertise in Drive Shaft Analysis

We offer CAE solutions based on the core challenges prevailing in the automotive industry. Our FEA services for automotive drive shafts include

Static Structural Analysis which helps to ensure that the design of the drive shaft is safe enough to withstand heavy bending and shear stresses and avoid the development of fracture within the shaft.

Vibration (Modal) Analysis that can assist engineers to design the drive shaft and universal joints with minimized NVH effects and torque steer, allowing significant improvement in torque transmission efficiency.

Fatigue Analysis to predict the drive shaft’s failure and its critical speed limits when applied to cyclic loads.

Analysis of Composites to provide comparative study to engineers in choosing alternative materials for drive shaft manufacturing.

While these analyses addresses major drive shaft related design problems, our FEA analysts can also deliver CAE services based on client’s specific requirements.

Our software Expertise

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