HI-Tech delivers CAE solutions for automotive differentials with an objective of optimizing the design in terms of structural integrity and sustainability. Our FEA services are well-aligned with the trending manufacturing concerns related to differentials.

Hi-Tech support clients in developing differentials designed to outperform even on uncertain road conditions, when coupled with high performance engines and complex geared transmission. Our FEA services serve as a feasible alternative for OEMs as well as aftermarket manufacturers over the trial and error physical tests.

Hi-Tech CAE’s expertise in Differential Analysis

Considering the diversity of conditions the differentials are subjected to, they are required to be examined over a wide range of boundary conditions, demanding thorough virtual analyses. To meet such diverse requirements, Hi-Tech’s CAE facility provides major analyses for differential which include:

Structural Analysis to assist designers in choosing an optimized differential design that is stiff enough to withstand stresses developed during its operation. The structural analysis will also assist in determining the factor of safety as well as deflection calculations.

Modal Analysis which helps in determining vibration response of the differential, paving the way for engineers to optimize the design accordingly. The modal analysis also helps in computing dynamic stress generation while the differential will be in operation.

Fatigue Analysis to calculate the life cycle of differential by co-relating the model with the real-world situations, and simultaneously performing analysis using alternative materials for extended life possibilities.

Our software Expertise

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