Automotive Powertrain FEA & CFD Analysis

Hi-Tech offers Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services for automotive powertrain and its associated components. We provide specific CAE solutions for powertrain to improve fuel efficiency, design & weight optimization and performance enhancement. Hi-Tech’s CAE services can significantly empower engineering clients in developing sustainable powertrain components with a competitive advantage in the automotive market.

We extend our CAE services for Powertrain & sub-systems including:

IC engine
Hi-Tech’s CAE solutions can assist in improving overall IC engine efficiency, lower the emission figures and optimize the engine size through FEA and CFD analyses, which includes combustion analysis, spray & droplet analysis, flame analysis, multiphase flow analysis, heat transfer analysis, radiation analysis and more. Read More
We provide cost effective FEA solution for automotive transmission to optimize its size and weight, improve performance and torque transmission capability using analyses like static structural, vibration analysis, fatigue analysis (high cycle) and more. Read More
Hi-Tech performs thorough FEA analyses including static structural analysis, vibration analysis (modal) & many more, to assist engineers in optimizing driveshaft design and improve its structural and torsional strength…Read More
We assist manufacturers in optimizing the design of complex automotive differential using our FEA services using key analyses like static structural (linear), vibration analysis, etc., specifically suitable for differential downsizing and/or modifications. Read More

Hi-Tech’s CAE facility provides powertrain specific analyses to overcome the challenges often faced by manufacturers in transforming the concept design into an actual prototype. Our CAE services for powertrain can be well-suited in evaluating the concept’s feasibility as well as in optimizing existing designs.

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