Interior System and Components

Hi-Tech offers Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation services for interior components applied in automobiles such as front dashboard, instrument cluster, door armrest, center console and more. Our analysts assist design engineers with quick design simulations to considerably reduce the manufacturing time as well as its associated costs.

Hi-Tech’s CAE Services for Interior System & Components:

Wake and Vortex Generation to simulate the internal environment of the cabin considering the air flow. The analysis assists in identifying obstructions in the air flow path to reduce vortex generation, thereby distributing the flow evenly with compensated noise levels.

Natural and Forced Convection to predict the heat transfer phenomenon inside the cabin, considering the interior components, occupants as well as solar loads and their individual heat generation. Using forced convection analysis, engineers can predict the actual heat transfer that can occur to determine the actual cooling load required within the cabin.

Hi-Tech’s Software Expertise

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