Automotive HVAC

Our Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) solutions for HVAC system involves application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to optimize the design in terms of efficiency, weight as well as environmental effects.

We assist engineering clients in developing sustainable HVAC components to synchronize with the complex automotive designs and considerably reduce the effects of auxiliary load acting on the engine.

Hi-Tech’s CAE expertise in Automotive HVAC Analysis:

While it is a known fact that an automotive air conditioning system is responsible for about 28% of fuel consumption, 71% of CO and 30% of HC emissions,

Hi-Tech aims to minimize these downsides by providing clients with CFD analyses which include:

Evaporation and Condensation to evaluate the condenser performance by simulating the refrigerant flow characteristics. This analysis helps designers in optimizing the cooling capacity of the condenser to improve the air conditioning capacity of the vehicle.

Natural and Forced Convection which assists in optimizing the air flow distribution within the cabin considering the thermal mass variations, angular solar loads as well as occupants’ metabolic and psychological changes. The overall objective of this analysis is to maintain a uniform thermal environment within the cabin.

Wake and Vortex Analysis to optimize complex pipe and duct bends against the formation of excessive vortex and turbulence which may give rise to the noise level.

Hi-Tech’s Software Expertise

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