Head Restraint System

Hi-Tech offers comprehensive CAE solutions for automotive safety systems such as head restraint systems through simulation tests using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Our FEM analysis assists safety engineers in choosing appropriate design of the head restraint system to prevent whiplash injuries. To ensure error-free design, we carry out thorough analysis considering the structural and fatigue factors.

Hi-Tech’s CAE expertise in Head Restraint System Analysis:

To ensure that the design is well within the standard regulations laid by authorities and also accommodates comfort and safety, we conduct:

Structural Analysis to test the system for crashworthiness and structural integrity during collision in order to minimize the response time. This analysis helps in establishing appropriate distance between head and the restraint system to balance comfort and safety.

Fatigue Analysis which incorporates the application of cyclic loads to determine the fatigue failure of the system. This analysis assists engineers to modify key geometrical dimensions to eliminate weak locations which can cause early failure of the head restraint system.

Hi-Tech’s Software Expertise

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