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Hi-Tech offers Computer Aided Engineering solutions for automotive door panels using application specific Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations. Our set of analyses for door panels are structured to overcome common design complexities as well as addresses vital challenges manufacturers are looking to compensate. We assist engineering clients in establishing a competitive advantage in terms of innovation, design modification and significantly reduce the prototyping costs.

Hi-Tech’s CAE expertise in Automotive Door Panel Analysis:

Automotive doors play a crucial role in the overall vehicle design. Being composed of interior as well as exterior components, doors are often one of the most interacted components by occupants in the vehicle. Moreover, the door panel design process has been extended to consider passenger comfort and ride quality as well. Apart from ergonomic point of view, door panels have the prime responsibility of protecting occupants in case of severe crash incidents. To address such constraints, Hi-Tech conducts FEM analyses which include:

Structural Analysis to evaluate the door panel structure against stresses generated under different loads. It helps in identifying the structural integrity of sub components of the door panels such as door trim assembly, trim panel, cup holders, etc. The structural analysis helps engineers in identifying and rectifying the flaws in the existing design which may lead to deformation condition.

Modal Analysis which assists designers in predicting the vibration frequencies of the door panel design by simulating real world conditions and thereby allowing modifications to compensate the noise levels from reaching inside the cabin.

Fatigue Analysis to test the door panels against cyclic loads and determine its useful life period. This analysis also provides information about the failure condition of the component, which further assists designers in modifying the design to improve crashworthiness of the entire panel assembly.

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