Automotive Interiors FEA & CFD Analysis

Hi-Tech delivers comprehensive CAE solutions for automotive interiors. Through our effective Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solutions, we provide assistance to automotive engineering clients looking for simulation driven product development. We carry out various CAE analyses to provide end-to-end solutions for automotive interiors, right from seating ergonomics, door panel designs and steering assemblies to efficient HVAC system designing.

Components we cover within automotive interiors CAE include:

Our CAE services can provide HVAC design solutions to improve cabin’s thermal comfort, air flow distribution and reduce noise levels using CFD. Major analyses for HVAC includes, vortex and wake analysis, species distribution, evaporation and condensation, natural and forced convection analysis, etc. Read More
Seating System
Our CAE solutions assist in optimizing the seating system geometry, minimize driver’s fatigue and injuries as well as optimize the crashworthiness of occupant seats using analyses such as static structural, vibration analysis (modal & buckling) and more. Read More
Steering Assembly
Hi-Tech offers FEA solutions to design steering assemblies with maximum structural integrity, minimized NVH frequencies and improved fatigue life cycle. We cover major FE based analyses including static structural, vibration analysis, fatigue analysis, multi body dynamics, etc. Read More
Interior System and Components
We deliver specific CFD solutions for interior system and components to optimize the thermal and acoustic conditions inside the cabin. Our analyses such as vortex and wake analysis, evaporation and condensation, natural and forced convection analysis, etc. can provide in depth knowledge about materials, air flow patterns, seat ergonomics and biometrics. Read More
Door Panels
We offer design solutions for automotive door panels to improve door strength against collision, minimize panel vibrations while keeping the ergonomics intact. For door panels our FE based analyses include static structural, vibration and fatigue. Read More
Head Restraint System
Hi-Tech also offers structural analysis and fatigue analysis for head restraint system, which assist in developing the system’s design with better structural integrity and sustainability. Read More

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