Automotive Chassis FEA & CFD Analysis

Hi-Tech delivers specific CAE solutions for problems related to chassis and its components. Our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services can provide solutions to automotive companies, OEMs and aftermarket manufacturers as well as engineers seeking for developing chassis design in-sync with the ongoing trends. Our CAE services can allow engineering clients in developing chassis design with better structural integrity and stabilized handling characteristics using composite materials and lightweight alloys.

Components we cover for Chassis CAE includes:

Hi-Tech can provide FEA and CFD simulation for chassis frame to improve its torsional strength, structural integrity and sustainability through static structural analysis, vibration analysis (modal, spectrum, harmonic & transient dynamics), fatigue and crash analysis, etc.
Our CAE services can provide design alternatives for suspension with better resistance to cyclic loads and vibrations using FEA and CFD analyses that majorly includes static structural analysis, vibration analysis (modal, buckling & harmonic) and more.
Our FEA and CFD simulations provide solutions to optimize steering for structural rigidity and dampening the vibrations using static structural analysis (linear analysis), vibration analysis (modal & buckling), etc.
We extend FEA and CFD analysis to improve braking efficiency with increased heat dissipation ability through analyses like conduction and convective heat transfer, transient dynamics, etc.
We also deliver CAE solutions for wheels to improvise its design to withstand against vibrations and overcome aerodynamic forces through simulation and modeling using analyses like vibration analysis, aerodynamics analysis, etc.

Based on prime requirements of an automotive chassis, we provide CFD and FEA analysis including:

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