Hi-Tech’s specific CAE solutions for wheels are aimed to solve complex engineering challenges associated at the design level.

Our simulation driven product development supports engineering clients in evolving wheel designs with improved aerodynamic characteristics, minimized NVH frequencies and extended fatigue limits.

We carry out precise Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to enable clients with cost-effective alternative over cumbersome physical tests.

Hi-Tech’s CAE expertise in Automotive Wheel Analysis:

Wheels take up complete weight of the vehicle body, the torque from the drive line and the shocks arising from road irregularities. This makes them a spot for a number of concentrated and dynamic loads, demanding thorough virtual analyses before being manufactured. For calculating such stresses and loads, Hi-Tech offers analyses which include:

  • Static Structural Analysis to determine stress distribution and deformation on the wheels, which is generated due to concentrated loads. This analysis assists in predicting the behavior of wheels under loaded conditions and points the design engineer to choose the wheel design accordingly.
  • Fatigue Analysis to determine fatigue limit of the existing wheel design and improve upon the same. Being exposed to cyclic uneven and dynamic loads, fatigue analysis helps in optimizing the wheel’s useful life cycle before being deformed completely.
  • Vibration Analysis which provides detailed study of the wheel’s acoustic behavior against uneven road conditions and dynamic loading patterns. Through vibration (modal) analysis, noise level can be considerably reduced with an improvement in ride comfort as well as fuel economy.
  • Aerodynamic Analysis to develop the wheel design by considering the effects of drag and lift forces that arise during vehicle’s motion.

Additionally, our CAE services assist clients in studying the wheel design on diverse parameters such as heat transfer rates, unsprung mass balance and application of different materials.

Hi-Tech’s Software Expertise

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