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Hi-Tech′s CAE services for automotive frame incorporate Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, aimed to provide optimized design solutions for engineering clients.

We apply our CAE expertise to develop frame structure possessing required rigidity to withstand structural and dynamic loads. Apart from load handling capability, our set of FEA and CFD analyses are significantly beneficial in testing the frame’s crashworthiness.

Hi-Tech’s CAE expertise in Automotive Frame Analysis:

While the core requirements from a frame is to withstand shocks, vibrations and overloading, Hi-Tech’s CAE services also consider crash impact and aerodynamic factors to assist engineers in developing an overall efficient frame structure. Our major FEA solutions for frame involve:

  • Static Structural Analysis: to develop the frame design with better torsional and compressive stiffness and maximize its ability to withstand shocks, vibrations and overloading. Moreover, the analysis also helps in keeping the frame structure intact during special driving conditions such as cornering and emergency braking.
  • Fatigue Analysis: which helps in maintaining the balance between the endurance limit and fatigue life of the frame, thereby improving the structure’s useful life cycle.
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  • Crash Analysis: to predict the frame’s structural integrity when exposed to sudden impact or crash incidents.
  • Vibration Analysis: that involves the testing of frame’s vibration dampening characteristics, in case of uneven road shocks and load application. The benefit of such analysis is to optimize the frame design against residual stresses, minimize NVH frequencies and improve fatigue limits.

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