Hi-Tech specializes in delivering computer aided engineering solutions to automotive clients looking for under hood simulation. We provide precise Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis aimed to overcome the dynamic challenges associated with under hood design. Our thorough analyses provide design solutions by considering crucial aerodynamic, thermal and physical aspects of automotive under hood and its allied components.

Hi-Tech’s CAE expertise in Automotive Underhood Analysis:

Through our organized pre-processing, mesh generation and post-processing stages, we provide major CFD and FEA analyses for under hood that includes:

Static Structural Analysis to help engineers develop a safer under hood design with high structural integrity to resist concentrated loads and stresses developed by the overall weight of the vehicle.

Vibration Analysis which provides precise study of the under hood’s acoustic behavior and minimize NVH frequencies to improve overall ride comfort.

Fatigue Analysis that thoroughly examines under hood and associated components, when exposed to cyclic loads and predicts the failure to improvise upon the existing design.

Thermal Management which helps in optimizing the underhood geometry by considering thermal aspects, in order to avoid phenomena such as “Thermal Soak” and “Hot-Stop”. This analysis helps in preventing the damage that can be caused by excessive temperatures to the electrical and mechanical components under the hood.

Heat Transfer Analysis to determine the convective heat transfer rate, velocity and flow pattern of air between the engine and radiator and above and behind the engine. This analysis assists in improving the life, efficiency and operation of the components encased under the hood.

Drag, Lift and Moment Analysis to minimize the side-effects of aerodynamic forces acting on the under hood components, and thereby, improving the overall vehicle efficiency through aerodynamically efficient under hood design.

Hi-Tech’s Software Capabilities:

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