Hi-Tech provides complete CAE solutions for exhaust and intake manifolds using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Our solutions are aimed to address complex engineering challenges associated with manifold design. Considering the physical, thermal and fluid flow aspects, we provide precise manifold design to accommodate wide engine operating conditions.

Hi-Tech’s CAE expertise in Automotive Manifold Analysis:

Designing a manifold is not just limited to matching dimensions with connecting sections, as there are a number of other engineering hurdles that need to be addressed before authorizing them to the next stage of development. For intake and exhaust manifolds, Hi-tech provides following CFD and FEA analyses:

Pressure Drop Analysis to develop intake manifold design with optimized air flow path that prevents pressure drop and simultaneously improves the engine indicated power through proper air induction. This improvement also benefits the engine with better combustion efficiency as well as reduces emission levels.

Thermal Analysis to assist engineers in selecting suitable material for exhaust manifold to provide adequate strength against high temperature exhaust gas.

Structural Analysis which helps in identifying the structural integrity of the manifold when coupled with other engine components. This analysis helps engineers in identifying and eliminating creep factors responsible for manifold damage.

Wake and Vortex Analysis to study the formation of turbulence within the manifold length. The analysis provide design solutions for intake manifold that promotes air flow turbulence and improve the fuel mixing capabilities within the combustion chamber.

Particle Tracking Analysis which provides a predictive deposition of soot particles on the exhaust manifold surface, thereby assisting engineers in optimizing the design accordingly.

Hi-Tech’s Software Expertise

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