EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Hi-Tech’s computer aided engineering services for EGR system covers CFD and FEM analysis to develop optimized valve and cooler design for automotive engineering clients. Our solutions for EGR systems are aligned to meet the consistent variations required by the engine and fuel mapping to improve overall performance characteristics.

Hi-Tech’s CAE expertise in Automotive EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Analysis:

EGR, unlike other emission control components has the responsibility to maintain its performance over a variety of operating conditions, which thereby demands for a thorough thermal and flow analysis. Our CFD and FEA simulation services precisely address vital challenges associated with the EGR system using:

Pressure Drop Analysis to provide engineers with design alternatives to compensate pulsations in mass flow rate of air and simultaneously reduce exhaust gas pressure drop. The analysis also helps in predicting the cooler’s efficiency under fouled conditions.

Wake and Vortex Analysis which helps in determining the “Route length” for better mixing of exhaust gases with fresh charge. This analysis helps in evaluating the flow characteristics by suitable arrangement of tubes, diffusers and baffles within the cooler.

Thermal Analysis (Forced Convection), which provide insights about the temperature distribution across the EGR valve and cooler geometry. This analysis helps in optimizing the overall EGR design against thermal shocks and stresses.

Particle Tracking Analysis to predict the soot particle deposition behavior, deposit growth rate as well as particle to particle interaction. Using this analysis, the EGR system can be designed to prevent fouling by enhancing the deposition removal mechanism.

Additionally, we also undertake FE based analyses to optimize the EGR design against tube bundle vibrations, thermal shocks and thereby maintain the structural integrity of the NOx emission reduction equipment.

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