Automotive Body FEA & CFD Analysis

Hi-Tech delivers Computer Aided Engineering services to engineering clients seeking a strong correlation between automotive body design and vehicle performance. Our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations provide cost-effective solutions for automotive body and its associated components. Our solutions are customized to amplify performance characteristics of core body components, ideally suitable for OEMs and aftermarket manufacturers.

We provide extensive FEA and CFD services for the following body components applied in automobiles:

Our FEA and CFD simulations for automotive underhood provides design solutions to withstand aerodynamic forces, cyclic stresses & loads as well as maintain the heat dissipation capability using aerodynamic analysis, thermal management, fatigue analysis, vibration analysis, static structural analysis, etc. Read More
Radiator Assembly
CAE solutions for radiator assembly include analyses like pressure drop analysis, conduction & convection analysis and coupled field analysis (structural & thermal) to improvise radiator’s cooling capacity and structural strength. Read More
We offer FEA and CFD services for intake and exhaust manifolds to optimize flow characteristics using pressure drop analysis, vortex and wake analysis, species distribution, exhaust gas analysis, particle tracking analysis, etc. Read More
EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) System
Our CAE Solutions for EGR system assists in optimizing flow as well heat transfer efficiency using pressure drop analysis, vortex and wake analysis, species distribution, exhaust gas analysis, particle tracking analysis, thermal analysis / forced convection, etc. Read More
Turbochargers / Superchargers
Hi-Tech provides CFD and FEA services for turbochargers / superchargers aimed to improve the engine efficiency by design optimization through vortex and wake analysis, pressure drop analysis, species distribution, exhaust gas analysis, thermal analysis / forced and natural convection, etc. Read More
Our CFD analyses like drag, lift & moment, conjugate heat transfer/conduction and thermal analysis can provide optimized underbody design to withstand aerodynamic forces and improve heat transfer capabilities. Read More
We also deliver FEA and CFD solutions to augment exterior body design having the ability to generate sufficient down force as well reduce the resistance against aerodynamic forces through drag, lift and moment analysis, vortex analysis, etc. Read More

Hi-Tech’s CAE Services for Automotive Body include:

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