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Our Computer Aided Engineering services are geared to meet the challenges and needs specific to the automobile industry. Through our specialized services we reach out to auto ancillaries, OEM suppliers, aftermarket manufacturers and other clients from the automobile industry seeking expert services which can enhance performance. Our goal is to impart end-to-end solutions for vehicle and its sub-systems, right from concept generation to post-manufacturing through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

At Hi-Tech, we deliver CAE solutions to optimize existing automobile design in terms of fuel efficiency, performance, sustainability, cost effectiveness and manufacturing feasibility while ensuring least environmental footprints.

Our Major CAE Solutions for Automotive Domain

Body CAE

Our CAE solutions provide automotive engineers with lighter, stiffer and compact body designs along with optimized body components like radiator assembly, EGR, under hood, underbody, turbo and super chargers as well as automobile exterior. For clients looking for specific solutions for automotive body, Hi-Tech offers:

  • Aerodynamic analysis of exterior and underbody structure
  • FE based static structural and non-linear fatigue analysis
  • NVH analysis of body components
  • Under hood thermal management
  • CFD solutions for components like radiator, EGR and forced induction components
  • Species distribution and wake & vortex analysis for EGR, manifolds, turbo and superchargers

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Chassis CAE

Our CAE services assist automotive OEMs & auto ancillaries in developing chassis with optimized handling characteristics and high structural integrity with least NVH frequencies. Major solutions related to automotive chassis and its associated components like suspension, steering, brakes and wheels include:

  • Static and dynamic analyses like structural, modal and fatigue for automobile frame
  • Crash analysis of frame for structural integrity and durability
  • Design and weight optimization of chassis and its components
  • Thermal management of brakes and wheels
  • Vibration analysis for steering wheel

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Powertrain CAE

We help automotive manufacturers overcome powertrain specific problems such as efficiency improvement and downsizing through our CAE services. Our CFD and FEA solutions encompass the entire driveline i.e. IC engine, transmission, drive shafts and differentials which majorly includes:

  • Cold flow and full-cycle combustion analysis for IC engine efficiency improvement
  • Efficiency enhancement using fuel spray and droplet analysis
  • Thermal management of IC engine and internal components
  • Weight and design optimization of powertrain components
  • Static structural and vibration analysis of components like differential and drive shafts
  • Component’s sustainability tests using fatigue analysis

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Interiors CAE

We also offer specific CAE solutions for automotive interiors and its components such as HVAC, seating system, steering assemblies, door panels, head restraint systems and individual interior components. Our offerings include:

  • CFD solutions for HVAC system
  • Species distribution and wake & vortex analysis of HVAC and interior cabin components
  • Structural and crash analysis of door panels
  • Durability testing of interior components using fatigue analysis
  • Design optimization of interior system
  • Ergonomic enhancement and thermal comfort modeling of seating system

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CAE Software Capabilities:

CFD and FEA engineers at Hi-Tech utilize commercial analysis software like ANSYS, Abaqus, HyperMesh and Star CCM+ as well as CAD software like Autodesk Inventor, PTC Creo and SolidWorks. Moreover Hi-Tech frequently updates its infrastructure and software capabilities to handle complex automotive CAE problems.

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