Static Structural Analysis

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Hi-Tech offers product design solutions through Finite Element Analysis for major industrial products, equipments and structures. We provide manufacturers and product designers the much needed assistance through static structural analysis simulations to predict the product behavior right from the earlier designing stage. We collaborate with clients to significantly reduce the time duration in manufacturing as well as reverse engineering the existing product.

Our structural analysis capabilities help you deal with the problems from single components to large complex systems, and from all basic tenets of structural problems such as equilibrium analysis, kinematics and stress strain compatibility.


We conduct both linear as well as non-linear structural analysis for products that undergo large deformations and experience plastic stage, creep, stress stiffening or hyper elasticity. Major components we cover under static structural analysis include:

  • Structures
  • Wind turbine
  • Machineries
  • Pump
  • Bridges
  • Automotive chassis and suspension
  • Offshore Structure
  • Cranes

Static Structural Analysis Benefits

Our static structural analysis helps in new product development or reverse engineer existing one to perform design improvements.

Our static structural analysis provides crucial information on:

  • Stress distribution over the product subjected to static forces and pressures
  • Prediction of critical regions in the design subjected to maximum stresses
  • Identification of the plastic limit of the product or structures
  • Linear and non-linear deformation prediction of the product
  • Durability of alternative materials for improvement in structural integrity
  • Verification of the existing design and further modification requirements for its fitness of use

To know further about the benefits of conducting static structural analysis for your engineering product or civil structure, contact us or fill up the quick inquiry form.

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