Aerodynamic Analysis

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Hi-Tech offers aerodynamic analysis services for engineering components and devices to assist designers in optimizing the product design against aerodynamic forces. Our analysis provides meaningful insights on product behavior by considering real-world conditions in CFD simulations. With accurate cfd analysis by modeling & simulation, our aim is to support engineering clients by optimizing aerodynamics of the product & reduce product development cost significantly.


Our aerodynamic analysis services involve the study of aerodynamic drag, lift and moment, vortex & wake generation as well as pressure drop analysis.

  • Wind Turbine Blades
  • Aircraft Wings
  • Wind Farm
  • Axial Flow Compressors
  • Cars
  • Cargo Trailer / Truck
  • Bike / Bicycle
  • Wind Tunnel
  • Hubcaps
  • Buildings
  • Computers
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Aerodynamic Analysis Benefits

Aerodynamic analysis through CFD analysis is significantly beneficial in simulating real world conditions without relying on expensive wind mill tests and aerodynamic shape optimization. Through the identification of forces that promote abnormal aerodynamic behavior of the component, designers can perform modifications in the earlier design phases before actual manufacturing.

We conduct application specific aerodynamic analysis to assist clients in:

  • Identifying lift and drag forces responsible for unstable behavior of the component and suggesting suitable design modifications from geometrical aspects
  • Predicting vortex generation in case of internal as well as external flows
  • Evaluating the effects of torque in rotating machineries
  • Measuring the product’s safety margin against dynamic forces

To know more about our CAE capabilities and consultations related to aerodynamic analysis for your specific engineering product, contact us or fill up the quick inquiry form.

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