Towards Sustainable Mobility And Innovation For The Automotive Industry

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Nearly 30% of the total global warming emissions in US are produced by automobiles. 60% of which comes from cars and light trucks. With around three billion vehicles, estimated to be on road in a few years, it has become imperative to concentrate on reducing CO2 emission in automobiles and drafting sustainability solutions for the automotive industry.

Towards Sustainable Mobility And Innovation For The Automotive Industry

With more than three billion vehicles estimated to be on the road in the near future, the pressures of preserving the fossil fuel resources is building up. There is a growing need for innovation in automobile engineering and it has become imperative for automobile engineers to design vehicles that are fuel efficient, support lean manufacture, are designed for utmost comfort and safety and most importantly are designed for lower fuel emissions.

Reduced CO2 Emissions in Automobiles using CFD Analysis

Carbon emissions in automobiles are measured by taking into account direct emissions due to fuel combustion, indirect emissions and emissions in vehicle manufacturing. Currently CFD (computational fluid dynamics) is the most promising technology in analyzing and validating vehicle designs and developing them for reduced carbon emissions. In addition to devising mechanism that reduces direct emissions from a vehicle – CFD is also used to design automobile manufacturing plants that are environment friendly and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Areas of Focus for Engineers Remain:

  • Vehicle aerodynamics for fuel efficiency
  • Lightweighting automobiles by reducing material wastage and using lighter materials
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Improved engine efficiency

Global car makers and automobile manufacturers are embracing the concept of environment friendly vehicles. Hi-Tech CAE joins hands with its clients in the pursuit of engineering automobiles that are fuel efficient, have reduced dependence on fossil fuels and have a reduced carbon footprint.

Hi-Tech CAE automobile design capabilities are targeted towards achieving higher sustainability, lightweighting, improved automobile performance, passenger comfort, ergonomic car interior design, improved safety on road, and engine efficiency.

About the Author: Mehul Patel CFD specialist at Hi-Tech, is an expert at ANSYS FLUENT, OpenFOAM and many more. With more than 8 years of experience, Mehul has successfully planned, coordinated and executed CFD Projects for Aerodynamics, Combustion, Turbomachinery, Multi-phase flow & HVAC analysis. Mehul adept at co-ordination and QA/QC, handles a team of CFD engineers contributing to CFD projects for aviation, automotive, building design & construction, plant design and heavy engineering industries.

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