Rethinking Product Development: Why You Should Adopt Simulation

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Product development strategy is a core for manufacturing businesses, and remains a focal point from where the growth of an organization propagates. Devising a sound strategy to develop product for the right market and at the right time is what makes businesses successful in fiercely competitive environment.

Rethinking Product Development

As such, the pursuit of manufacturing right products in the market has led to the growth of manufacturing technologies and tools that attempt to improve the product design and development process.

The phenomenon however remains the same – understanding the market requirements, collecting information, developing a concept, producing a prototype and improving the design before final launching.

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About the Author: Mehul Patel CFD specialist at Hi-Tech, is an expert at ANSYS FLUENT, OpenFOAM and many more. With more than 8 years of experience, Mehul has successfully planned, coordinated and executed CFD Projects for Aerodynamics, Combustion, Turbomachinery, Multi-phase flow & HVAC analysis. Mehul adept at co-ordination and QA/QC, handles a team of CFD engineers contributing to CFD projects for aviation, automotive, building design & construction, plant design and heavy engineering industries.

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