Evaluating the Reliability of Underrun Protection System in Heavy Vehicles Using FEA

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Underrun protection systems, often known as underride guards, are utilized in trucks and buses to prevent intrusion of small passenger cars during the event of collision. Research figures reveal that trucks with a gross weight of more than 3.5 tonnes are involved in 20% of the road accidents; from which, 60% are car to truck accidents. It is obvious that the injuries are far more fatal for small vehicles during such collisions.

Underrun Protection System

Most common accidents however are front and rear collisions, resulting into fatal injuries for car passengers. This is manly because the bottom rear and front of the trucks nearly level with that of the head of an adult passenger seated in a car. In such instances, the only protection the car passenger has is a windshield. Due to the difference in height of a car bumper and the trailer platform, the crumple zones do not get involved and there’s a direct impact on the windshield without activating air bags, resulting into fatalities.

To protect car passenger during such collisions, many safety regulation authorities across different countries have made it mandatory for trucks to have front and rear underride guards.

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